Case Design Prep Desk Components

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Comprehensive Case Design And Management

At Hanlon Investment Management (HIM) we take pride in offering a sophisticated state of the art Case Design process that is both personal to each unique household and the foundation for all future relevant portfolio decisions. It is this process that allows all parties to be appropriately aligned to assure the best desired outcomes. From active discovery and data gathering to the building of a personal written income plan (VIP), to the custom implementation of that plan and the ongoing review, all involved parties affirm the best execution of the clients’ goals and needs.

Voyage Income

Answering clients’ most important and relevant questions by using our income centric Voyage Income Program. Unique in that it is not a risk-based solution, but rather an income based one driven by each clients’ unique situation, needs and dreams. We review income streams, current investments, distribution needs and provide a written personalized client presentation. Then, we help you develop the implementation plan and the conversation around both. When can they successfully retire? Is there a risk of running out of income? What does their future legacy look like and how to best handle?
Individual Investment Proposals For Each Household Account

Building custom proposals for each account in the household as we target defined time segments for accumulation and distribution. Reasons to focus on this individual account rather than just the household view?

Personal Client Portfolio Reviews (PCPR)

Are your clients truly diversified and have you personalized their household assets to assure the desired outcomes??

Use the Personal Client Portfolio Review to evaluate your client’s overall asset allocation and sector weightings as well as uncover concentrated positions, view the stock holdings behind your mutual funds, measure performance against benchmarks and industry indexes.

You can demonstrate that spreading investments across multiple advisors and investments may not make them as truly diversified as they thought. Help them understand true investment diversification, while demonstrating additional value add.