Giving Back

Part of our mission is to donate time and resources to matters that not only help better the financial world but also the help the world around us and those in need.

Stevens Future Leaders Philanthropy

Future Leaders Initiative
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Atlantic City Rescue Misison Community Food Bank of New Jersey

The financial services industry is complex and interwoven in the fabric of the entire world economy, whose reliance dictates its very existence. The financial services industry needs talented, well-educated personnel to understand and provide solutions for these complexities. Equally talented researchers are needed to deliver successful outcomes for clients, corporations, regulators and the world of finance as a whole.

Hanlon has been successful in the financial services industry since its founding in 1999. Founder Sean Hanlon and the Hanlon Leadership Team realizes the impact technology has had on investing, everything from the giant networks that our markets are operated on, to the risk of cyber-attacks, to the importance of monitoring and testing of software before it gets released. To do our part to secure that financial / technology world, the Hanlon Leadership Team decided to give back, to continue to invest into tomorrow’s leaders, and todays research, to do what they can to protect that financial technology future, where all the investments of Hanlon clients, and others, rely on. Thus was born the Hanlon Financial Systems Center (HFSC) at Stevens Institute of Technology.

The HFSC supports the Quantitative Finance and Financial Engineering curriculums and programs, enriched by two world-class laboratories; the Hanlon Financial Systems Laboratory and the Hanlon Laboratory for Financial Analytics and Data Visualization. Here, students have a real world, hands-on educational and research experience that prepares them for dynamic and successful careers in the financial services industry, and partners can utilize the outstanding facilities for research, training and events.

The Hansen Foundation Inc. Wall Street Warfighters

Helping Those Who Help Others

Atlantic City Rescue Misison Community Food Bank of New Jersey