Premier Multi-Manager Solutions
Diversification Made Easy

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Finding The Right Investment Combination

At Hanlon Investment Management, we know that researching and building the right portfolios to fit each client’s unique and personal needs is both time consuming and challenging. It is with that in mind that we are pleased to announce our Premier Multi-Manager Solutions through our Managed Accounts Platform.The Hanlon Managed Accounts Platform proudly offers over 80 unique investment models to choose from. Advisors can select from actively-managed Tactical models, Strategic models suited for long-term asset allocation, or Dynamic models which blend both styles. Models are available across the entire risk spectrum, providing the quality and variety of selections you and your clients need and deserve.

Our Solution

For advisors who wish to save time building multi-model client portfolios, let our Investment Research team do the work for you through our Premier Multi-Manager Solutions. Our Premier Multi-Manager Solutions are Unified Managed Accounts (UMAs) that optimally combine models for clients based on their risk and time horizon needs, providing one multi-model solution for each of the 5 risk categories.


The Premier Multi-Manager Solutions provide diversification across Strategic, Dynamic, and Tactical models to participate in the best of the market while also preparing for the worst. The Solutions are ideal for managing for lifetime investment needs, as the foundational building block in a comprehensive investment solution.

Active Management Of The Premier Multi-Manager Solutions

Our Solutions are actively managed through a quarterly review by the Hanlon Investment Research Team.

All models on the Hanlon Managed Accounts Platform are reviewed based on the return and risk data, and combined in a way that seeks to optimize potential risk-adjusted return while diversifying across models that offer complementary investment styles. Recommended changes are brought before the Investment Committee for decisions on the new weights for each of the 5 solutions.

You and your clients can be confident that the Solutions provide an appropriate risk and return profile, and are being actively managed and rebalanced. The end result for advisors is less time spent researching investments and more time spent nurturing existing client relationships and developing new ones.

    • The Model Marketplace – See the Solution Fact sheets and read more on what models have been selected for each solution.
    • The Proposal Generation Tool – Generate a proposal for your clients showing their current investments and how our Premier Multi-Manager Solutions compare.